Friday, November 5, 2010

Original Core/Scout Still Working

I have an original ooma Core (plus non-working Scout) - and, other than a few dropped calls here and there and a few system outages, it has worked very well over several years now.

I have certainly gotten my money's worth, making about 500-1000 minutes of calls per month. Hopefully it will just keep on working because I don't intend to buy a telo or another ooma product, since they now charge monthly fees. To me, that violates the vision the company originally made to us early adopters: phone service that you buy once and own for life, like a product - "be your own phone company," they said. Probably if I was never part of the first wave, I would be able to look at the current ooma product line in a different light, but as it is, the new ooma looks just like every other telephone service now. All innovation is gone. I don't think ooma should be allowed to say "Free Home Phone Service" on their website and in their marketing anymore.

I'm waiting to see what Google Voice does with Gizmo5 - or I'll just use my cell phone, which I have to pay for anyway.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ooma is now charging monthly fees?

This post on Amazon says:

Ooma have removed all references to "no monthly charges" from their website and replaced with "You pay only applicable taxes and fees". Which are the following:

1) Regulatory Compliance Fee
2) 911 Service Fee
3) Federal Universal Service Charge
4) State and local taxes, fees and surcharges

Can anyone confirm? I haven't received any notice from ooma saying that they are going to start charging me.