Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A softphone for your ooma service

How would you like free US calls from anywhere you have your PC and an Internet connection? Want to access your home ooma service from a hotal, at work, or from Starbucks?

Here's how.

1. Purchase PhoneGnome box. $99.95

2. Connect the PhoneGnome to your ooma hub. PhoneGnome LINE port connects to ooma hub PHONE port.

3. Get SIP credentials and SIP Softphone software from site. Sign in and navigate to Features / SoftGnome Remote Access / Edit / View SIP Credentials

You can use the free ExpressTalk software (shown above) provided by PhoneGnome or the SIP softphone of your choice (X-lite works well on the Mac). If you have a Wi-fi SIP phone (or a dual-mode phone, such as Nokia E series, N80, or N95), you can even use that. Dial any US number and the call will be placed over the Internet to your ooma hub through the PhoneGnome box.

You can also use the new Mobile Web feature to make ooma calls from your ordinary cell phone.

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