Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Ooma DECT 6.0 Handset plus International Calling Plan

Ooma finally announced that its Telo Handset is now available and that it has added an International Calling bundle.

The Handset is a DECT 6.0 cordless handset for use with the Ooma Telo base station. It includes a speakerphone and LCD display providing access to caller ID, phone book and call log features. It retails for $49.99.

The Telo is very sweet looking, and is tempting, but my original Ooma hub is still working fine, so I don't see Telo in my future at this point.

Probably in response to the new "Vonage World" and "Skype Unlimited World" plans, Omma also introduced a new International Calling Bundle to Ooma Premier customers ($9.99/month or $119.99/year). The plan includes up to 500 minutes of calls to over 70 countries for an extra $4.99 per month. I don't make enough international calls to make this plan a good choice for me, but since it includes India, I would expect it to be popular.

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